Monday, December 29, 2008

Wandering the bookstore aisles

When I decided I wanted to write "mysteries with a paranormal twist," I did what most good writers do.  I headed to the bookstore.  That's when I found you can't just walk in and say "I want to read mysteries with ghosts."   Not only does the staff look at you like you've lost your marbles, but they don't have a place to direct you, either.

Mysteries are easy to find.  Usually, they're housed right under the big sign that says "Mysteries."  It's the paranormal stuff that's all over the store.  You can find it in mysteries (if you're lucky and know what to look for), romance, and -- almost always -- science-fiction.  

The fact I can't find exactly what I want to read is one of the reasons I choose to write.  Well, that and the fact I've read some really lousy books that I know I could have written better, but that's a topic for another day.

I do wish,  however, that I could find some more mysteries with a paranormal twist.  Maybe booksellers should create a great end-cap display to feature the paranormal mystery authors.  And when they do, I have every expectation of my books being featured.


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