Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life, The Ultimate Monkey Wrench

Looks like this week does have a topic, Life and how it gets in the way of writing. Since I finished nano, Life has kept me from my other wip's. I say I'll write in the morning before the kids get up, or while dinner simmers, and I usually do. Here lately my muse is on vacation.

Stress is a writing killer. Run here to work, to school, back home to cook some dinner that might be edible. Laundry, grocery shopping, homework to be done, all this tires out my muse and me. When I do finally stop running, I can't write, so I edit. This gives me the chance to look critically at my work without my muse poking her nose in and saying "But I really love that scene!".

I apologize for the late post, all. Enjoy your families and the time you have together. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Til next week.


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