Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Only Laughing Because I'm So Scared

You have to make them laugh their ass off after you've terrified them out of thier skin. I consider it a coping mechanism. You can't have absolutly nothing but tension, terror, and taute nerves throuout your whole story. It's just too much for people to handle. Even Shakespeare put at least one sceen of absolute comedy in every tragedy he wrote, he found the sublime in the ridiculous. Think the drunken guard at the gate of Hamlet. If you don't break up the tension, you loose your readers.

I can find the sublime in the ridiculous all around me. Trip a friend while running away from a zombie? Hilarious. Serve garlic bread to a vampire just to watch her squirm? I'm in stitches. Buy a designer flea collar for your ware wolf buddy? Comedy gold.

That's just a glimpse into my deeply scarred emotional disorders. How does this work with what I write? Since I tend to write as myself, all of the weird things that I find funny have a way of working into my story. And as those who know me would attest, I would do each and every one of those above things if given half the chance.

Take Wanda for example in the story I'm writing. She's your average thirty something woman with a bullet hole in her head and complete and total amnesia. And if that wasn't enough, she also happens to be a Ware-creature. Now, I know what you're thinking.. Ware-Wolf. Nope, not our girl. She's a Ware-Cat. To be specific, she's a Calico-Maine Coon mix, which makes her you're average house cat. To me, that's damn funny. Because who would want to be a CAT for gods sake? Everybody wants to be a wolf, or at least something halfway impressive.

Like I said, the sublime in the ridiculous.

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