Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Plain Sight

Have you ever questioned the phrase "The best place to hide is in plain sight."? Think about it. How could you hide something or someone where everyone can easily see them? Ask any mom. Try finding one pink sock in a sea of unmatched ones. I think that's how the paranormal world exists within and around ours.

When I started writing Blood Shield books, other's past experiences, and articles on psychics seemed to fall in my lap. Everywhere I looked I noticed a news story or magazine article on some aspect of the subject. When you write paranormal, you have to force yourself to think outside the box. You must be williing to take reality of the known world and that of the paranormal realm then push your mind one step further.

How? "Ghosts don't exist." Well of course they do, or else half the world has gone crazy, just because everyone can't see them does not meant they aren't there. Are there werewolves? Vampires? Those are a little more iffy for me, but they do make great characters. Haven't seen a ghost or spirit lately? Have you had goosebumps in warm weather? Then you've brushed the curtain that separates this world and theirs.

Even in paranormal there are certain standards, if not rules, to the universe. You can't write about something or someone unless you believe or at least give the benefit of doubt that it exists. Even if only in the recesses of our imagination.

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