Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Humor in Writing...O..Kay?

If you have ghosts, werewolves, vampires etc. in a story, you're bound to have terror and tension. How do you add humor to balance the scales without making your characters sound like cheesy excuses for slasher flick victims?

You obviously can't have pie-throwing vampires or werewolves juggling flaming swords, but the everyday life deal can be pretty funny so you work with that. Case in point, BLOOD SHIELD my paranormal suspense for nano, has this scene. Liv Corrigan, fem. main character and psychic, has been sleeping in the hero's bed (not like that lol) after waiting all night for him to return from some dangerous mission. She wakes, goes to look for him, and almost knocks him down as he opens the bedroom door. Both scream and the pink rose in its vase along with the scrambled eggs on the breakfast tray go flying. Tough guy with eggs in his windblown dark hair, rose petals on his shirt, and a scowl makes a hilarious picture to me. A pyschic who can't see whose on the other side of the door? LOL! A moment later the tension is back, danger looms, but Liv and Jack are better for the laughter. Throw in the ridiculous and smile.

Okay this bit is a little off topic, but I wanted to share. My grandma passed away on October the 13th. Her home was ransacked and all her valubles stolen the night she died. We've gotten them all back but for her antique dresser she prized. My mom asked me about it and I got this picture of where it was. (No previous seeing or knowledge I swear!) I'm still creeped out that I 'SAW' where my grandma's stolen dresser was, and the cops found it that exact place yesterday. I'm sure she'd be happy her dresser is back. Guess where the missing will was? Yep, taped to the back of one of the drawers. Wierd stuff happens. Watch out for it and believe.)



sithyogini said...

I'm glad you got it back! Good for you

Clare2e said...

That IS weird! And good news, too, though I'm sorry about your grandmother's passing. The 13th, huh?