Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To find an agent...in 'Wonderland'?

I had a really great post for today, but my computer decided to eat it. (Isn't that like the dog ate my homework, teacher?) Anyway......

The sun is finally shining in Alabama this morning while I sit at work typing this post. It's kind of like falling down the rabbit-hole into Wonderland when it comes to finding an agent around here. I'm worlds away from New York, LA, London and everywhere else you'd think you have to go to break in the business of being a published author. So where do you start looking and how?

First I must admit to being unagented, at the moment. In this day an age of internet, gadgets and cell phones, not being able to connect with the rest of the world is just an excuse. Look at us, the Frightening five, we are spread all over the country.

When I first started my search for an agent, I simply typed in the search bar. Big mistake!!!! I narrowly escaped the clutches of Publish America and the Writer's Literary Agency which I found out scams under tons of names. *shudder* Then I thought, I'll submit to big houses, unagented and my stellar work will get me in the door without an agent. HA! Yeah right! Now, granted it may work for some, just not for me. So then what? Did I throw my hands up in frustration and give up? Nope, still here.

I thought I'm just going about this the wrong way. Internet searches are great, but I apparently was looking in the wrong place. That's when I saw this commercial for YellowBook.com (no kidding, I bet you're rolling on the floor laughing now) and thought, Hmm. Idea. So I searched for literary agents in New York and California and then printed the list. I took those lists and crossed matched them with the Better Business Bureau and found the Association of Artist's Representatives. It's a great site. You can search by genre, email query and a dozen other criteria, find legit agents and get started on your agent journey. I've gotten two requests for fulls so far this way, and though they were rejected, I still think its a great way to start. Especially if you can't fly off to New York and go from place to place.

Have a great day, Ya'll.

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