Friday, January 23, 2009

My Favorite Paranormal Romance Authors.

Hey there everyone! I am thrilled to be joining such an accomplished group of writers and I look forward to participating more in the future.

While I am a new author with my first series being published later this year, I am a life long reader. I have always loved paranormal romance which is why I write it. I find most authors write what they like to read. There are several authors I enjoy, but two that stand out as my favorites. I suppose you could call them my idols.

For Vamps it's Christine Feehan all the way! Her Carpathian Series is outstanding! What I really adore is the way she portrays the Carpathians. They are a noble, regal race struggling for survival. In this rich world she's created, Vampires are essentially Carpathians that have gone bad. Individuals who succumbed to their darkest nature having not found their mates. Her characters are rich and leap off the page. She has an incredible ability to make you really and truly connect with every single character she writes. She is an absolute master at "showing" her readers every iota of what the characters are experiencing. She has two other series as well that are equally fabulous and I highly recommend The Drake Sister Series and The Ghostwalker Series. I've read all of her books from all three series. Check them out!

For Werewolves it's Lori Handeland's Nightcreature Novels. This series is hot, sexy, and laugh out loud funny. They are all written in the first person and her heroines have a sharp wit and familiar sarcasm I enjoy. Her hero's are dark, tortured, dangerous and desperately in need of their woman. Hot, hot, hot!! All eight of the book in this series are intertwined, although you can pick up anyone of them and still follow. If you love werewolves then this series is for you.

I have read, and re-read, both of these fine authors novels. For me as an author, they are truly the bar I strive to reach. They grab the reader right from the first sentence and don't let us go until the very last word. Whenever I finish one, I'm always a little disappointed because I want more! I hope someday readers will say the same about my novels.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Sarah! Welcome and glad you could join us!

Sarashifter said...

Thanks Bethany. I'm thrilled to be here :)