Monday, January 12, 2009

My most important writing book? All of them!

There are a LOT of books about writing.  I think I have most of them.

OK, so that isn't true.  But I do have an awful lot of them.  

In addition to the obligatory dictionary (in English, Latin, and Lakota) and thesaurus (English only), I have books on punctuation, an AP Style book, and a copy of Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishers Editors and Literary Agents.

I have some great books filled with writing prompts and I've even been known to use them!  I also have most of the Writer's Digest "Howdunit Series."  Those are full of information, though I wouldn't recommend reading Deadly Doses: a writers guide to poisons at the dinner table.  It seems to make the other members of the family a little leery.

One of my favorite writing books, however, isn't a book on writing at all.  Michael Largo's Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die is a source of inspiration when looking for "the perfect murder."  For example, there have been 18,983 foot-related fatalities since 1975.   My personal favorite, though, states that in 2003, twenty-four people died from inhaling popcorn fumes.  I'm not sure how I will ever use that bit of information, but I hope to find a way!

Which writing book could you not do without?


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