Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tiny Wares Unite!

In the supernatural world there are the three major players; Magic users, Vampires, and Ware wolves.

With magic users you have a whole spectrum to choose from. There are the Wiccans, Druids, Black Magic users. You can even go all the way down to your basic "I've never used magic before but weird stuff happens around me all the time" Harry Potter-esque characters. Vampires are a little more limited. They really just have the one trick. Oh, and a LOT of restrictions; sunlight, steaks, garlic, crosses, the whole drill.

Ware Wolves however... I LOVE ware wolves. In what other species can you combine the best of all human traits with the best of the animal kingdom???? You have all the strength of a wild animal, and the reasoning ability of a human. Not to mention apposable thumbs!! In the ware wolf, you have the meta-human, the best that a species can hope for.

But who says that a ware creature has to be a wolf? In the Sookie Stackhouse books, Charlane Harris broke new ground in stating that wares didn't have to be wolves. Tigers, Panthers, Wolves, she's got em all. And gods bless her for that!

In my story, the main character Wanda is a ware. But she's a ware tabby cat. (I"m thinking of playing around with this, maybe making it so that the geographical location dictates the size of the cat. City=tabby cat. Open spaces=predator cat) Because why shouldn't the "lesser" cats be represented?


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