Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In case you wondered...

Throwing myself to the wolves here and posting a chapter of my wip and a link to read chapter two. (It's a bit too steamy for here.) Let me know what you think. Oh, and I hope you enjoy it.


From the journal of Kail McKenna:
July 7, 1400
In the beginning, there were seven powerful witches. Reborn every seven hundred years, these women were the last defense against the darkness threatening their way of life, the vampire. Each had a unique ability gifted by their birthland, Yumi of Water. Tamara of Beasts, Una of Ice, Enoh of Earth, Rio of Fire, Shade of Darkness, and the last Cailin of Light held the power to purify evil. This night has seen them betrayed and all but two of the Seven have been captured and killed. My Cailin is dead. Earth spirals toward damnation and 2100 a.d. when the next seven will have the chance to save their world. I am forced to continue in this hellish immortality. Can a vampire retain his mortal heart? Love as a man does? I do not know, but the heart I lack breaks this night.

Chapter One
Something sticky trickled down her throat. She reached up and touched her neck; Her hands came away wet and red with blood. Panic begged to take control. Night had fallen after what seemed like an eternity. She had been safe in the daylight, knew the vampire couldn’t get to her for the killing sun. Savior sun. Her mind knew its name, Drake, but she had no conscious memory of the monster.

Kayleigh felt the deep tearing wounds beneath the bandage as well as saw them in her mind’s eye, just like in the photographs. This time it had been an African woman. Except for her nationality, they might have been twins. The woman had blue eyes and they stared back from the glossy at her. In them, she saw her death. Bright red blood streamed from the gaping holes like rivers. She had no choice but to venture into the dark death of moonlight and seek Kail’s help.

Her boot heels clicked on the sidewalk, occasionally splashing in a puddle. As a woman alone, she always took care to be aware of her surroundings, but her nerves were even more on edge with that thing stalking her. How could she have written all those novels with sexy vampire heroes? Had she been out of her bleeding mind? Her stalker was death incarnate and death wanted her. She jumped out of her skin at the sound of a mouse squeaking nearby. She couldn’t afford to think of the vampire as a once human. Kayleigh had to make sure she did not become one of them.

She walked quickly, almost ran the last block to the police station. The sights and sounds of city life around her only just registered through her fear. She fingered the silver cross at her throat. Superstition? Maybe, but they were known for a reason. She wanted to cry with relief when she finally made it through the double glass doors of cop central and saw Kail lounging across the bullpen. The devil she knew it would have to be.

He watched Kayleigh walk through cop central, one hip at a time, and wondered what could have possibly brought Kayleigh Farrell back into his world. He took note of the shadows under her Celtic blue eyes. She wore her long dark hair up. For confidence? He wasn’t sure she needed any extra. All Kayleigh had to do was walk through the door and every eye turned and held her countenance. Her natural sex appeal set his inner vampire on full alert. Just what could Kayleigh Farrell, mega author, want with him? He had a feeling the lady was in big trouble.

They met before, when he had worked the break in at her brother’s house. She had asked him to dinner, and they had spent the rest of the night in Kayleigh’s hotel room bed, his body deep inside her, his fangs buried in her throat. He had not seen her for at least a month, maybe more, but it felt like centuries. Centuries he had, Kayleigh didn't and that was the problem. Kail licked his lips, one white point almost peeking out around his tongue as he remembered her taste.
He watched her wave to the cops in residence as she passed. She even stopped to sign an autograph for one of the newbies. Babies don’t drool that much, he thought in disgust, leaned against the door jamb and waited. It didn’t occur to him she might be here to see someone else, or maybe research something for her next erotic romance novel.

His body tensed, remembering the book on his nightstand. Hers and very hot. The hero, a vampire pining for a lost love, had hit just a little too close to home. Kayleigh had burned every page to a cinder with her scorching tale of reunited lovers. He had seen her in the heroine. Every written vision tormented his body. He took her hand in greeting and ushered her into his office.
Kayleigh smiled at the young officer as she handed back his notepad. Her nerves were shot after waiting all day to see Kail. It would not do to wake a vampire while the sun shone high and he hadn’t fed. That is unless you didn’t mind being dinner. Stealing into his apartment and sliding between the heated sheets while he slept did have a certain appeal, though she had better sense than to try it.

She held the brown envelope closer to her chest. He was the only one who could help her. Kail was vampire, and when it came down to it, she had rather the devil she knew. You couldn’t have a lover like Kail and not know him on some sort of level. Almost there, come on Kayleigh she cheered herself on. Lord he was sexy, lounging there like he couldn’t give a damn about anything in the world. His hair fell like dark rain to his shoulders, and as the last time she’d seen him, he wore black head to toe. Remembering, she reached up and touched her neck where the wounds were healing. She watched as his blue eyes grew darker, the corner of his mouth tilting up to grin. Could she do this? She had no choice. She put her hand in his offered one and unconsciously licked her lips. “Hello, Kail.”

Chapter 2

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