Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can't say that I've ever read a book on writing. (could be the reason that I am, as yet, unpublished, huh?) It's not that I've never owned any, I just never read them. I'm sure there useful, and I'll probably crack them open at least once before I'm published, it's just that at the moment, I want what I write to be a 'pure' stream of my writing. Not something that I have to think about the "rules" of writing every second. Maybe when I'm done I'l go back and see everything that I've done wrong.


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QuantumSpirit said...

Stephen Kings "On Writing-A Memoir of the Craft" is an excellent book for anyone that has written, is writing or wants to write. It's rather curious from a personal standpoint that I don't like his fiction, but I loved this book. It isn't exactly a how to so much as a mentors guide in the "why not try this..." vein. In so far as getting published goes, you may want to try This isn't a subsidiary publisher like so many out there now, but rather a publish on demand. They still pay an author a token outright payment and then offer their editing services if needed should they accept you as one of their authors. They do not provide marketing but do publish, print and provide your book with an ISBN. They are also part of the product line for Barnes and Noble and Borders as well as Amazon. Although the stores won't have your book on their shelves, they will include them in their catalog and so provide them to customers that way. Therefore, the publisher isn't out of a lot of money printing books that may not sell, the author isn't out anything and the store doesn't tie up inventory space. I found them to be an exceptionally conscientious publishing company, eager to help the author in any way they could. They provide cover art that is very professional and connects to the story while still holding eye appeal. A must if you want your book to get noticed among the thousands already out there.
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