Friday, January 9, 2009

Frightening Journeys has an opening

For those of you who are expecting J.K. Mahal to add her thoughts today, sorry.  J.K. has decided that (since she's expecting) she needs to focus elsewhere.

The rest of us here on the Frightening Journey to publication will miss her!  (And we all hope that she changes her mind once the "nesting urge" has passed...)

Until then, we are leaving her Friday spot open.  Kind of.

We would like to offer it up to guest bloggers.  If you're an author (published or not) and would like to blog here one week, let one of us know.  (Our contact info is on the side, or you can leave a comment here.)

Until then, Heather, Beth, Barbra, and I wish J.K. and her family the best of luck (hey, I can say that....I have kids!) and a happy, healthy addition to the family.


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