Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vampires, mmm...

What is it about vampires? huh? Why are we drawn to read and write such characters? Is it because as a society we fear or at least try to avoid death, and the vampire is our counter opposite? Think about it. Why do we drool over seven hundred year old dead guys who look like Brad Pitt and want to drink your blood? Something to ponder, while you surf blurbs and movie trailers. Everything vampy is super hot right now. Personally, I think alot of this is a direct result of Ms. Meyers Twilight books, and all those teeny bopper girls' moms who want a little more bite to their vamps.

Even though I'm writing a vampire tale right now, I'm itching to start something new. Something that pushes the limits further, and steps away from the norm. I'd love to write a series with the flavor of the old Dark Shadows tv show. Each one would be tied together with overlapping characters, but the paranormal elements would change. In just a few years, the writers of the show managed to incorporate not only Barnabas Collins, vampire, but phoenixes, ghosts, witches, time travel, past lives, alternate reality(different time period), parallel time different reality, future time (with an alternate), Dr. Jekyl/ Hyde, Leviathans(demons), werewolves, gypsy curses, witches curses, ancient Eyptian curses, some sort of ancient Eastern out of body thing(you throw these black and white sticks on a table and your mind went through a door.), Ghosts, tons of romance and suspense, zombies, and I think voodoo. AND they managed to do so with a tiny budget, laughable special effects, and awesome actors who made you believe there was a Collinwood and a tortured family who lives would never be normal, not even when the show ended. What about the Highlander series/movies? Another great premise.
I just realized this post doesn't have much to do with writing, lol. Just call it an inspiration burst. I'm off to write.

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