Thursday, June 4, 2009

To vamp or not to vamp

For my blog post today, I had every intention of writing about my werewolf in my WIP, but at the last minute, my vampire from the book prior to that asserted himself and made me showcase him.

Darn pushy vamps.

So, before I begin, for your reading pleasure is the unedited opening of my soon to be released novel entitled The Art of Fang Shui which will come to you this January from Eirelander Publishing.

“I searched the world for two years until I found you.”
Ordinarily, those words would have flashed a thrill or three down her spine, but Hannah knew better. In her convoluted life, she’d heard much stranger stuff.
She gaped at the man who lounged casually against the self-help bookshelf. If tall, dark and handsome was an overdone cliché then she was face to face with the best-looking cliché she’d ever met. Actually, it was more like face to shoulder, but what did that matter? The man before her was serious eye candy.
“Pardon me?” Hannah abandoned her task of rearranging bookshelves. He stared at her with eyes the color of Alaskan glacier ice and just as cold. “Are you sure you need to speak specifically with me? I mean, there are several clerks that work here. Perhaps you need to see one of them?” A curvy girl with an hourglass shape, Hannah struggled with the fact men could find her attractive. “Give me a name, and I’ll call them over.”
“I am not mistaken.” A curt nod followed the statement. “You are the one I desire.”

I think we can all agree that vampires are still one of the hottest leading men in all of romance right now. And no, in case you want to know, I haven’t read the Twilight books and have no plans to.

But there’s something about these blood-sucking, undead men that capture our hearts and stir our blood (no pun intended.) They’re strong-willed creatures, full of angst, usually dragging luggage carts full of baggage behind them, and more than likely will be called upon to save the world or some other big issue. Why? Because we’re all suckers for men with issues. Seriously. As much as we complain about our husbands, boyfriends, or men who are friends having mommy issues, etc., our womanly hearts melt into puddles of goo for a hero who needs saving—either from himself or his circumstances.

The best thing? Vamps are almost always good-looking, dependable, loyal, and deep down, they want to change into the very men their women think they are. That makes them human, and that’s why we connect so strongly with them.

As for me, I love writing about them, or the paranormal in general. Rules and boundaries can be manipulated to my twisted author’s will at times but yet the story is still believable. How would I react if I happened to meet a vampire in real life? I have no idea, but I hope I’d do my profession proud and be a brave heroine from a book.

I’ll keep you posted…


J Hali said...

Got to love a pushy vamp and I can't wait to read it, Sandi. I can well imagine the wonderful things you've done with him in your witty way.

Rae Lori said...

Ooh! Another book to add to my TBR. :-D

I agree, Sandi! They are timeless and I love how complex vampire heroes can be. Not to mention a bit pushy lol. I'm looking forward Art of Fang Shui!