Friday, June 19, 2009

A snip of a wip aka (I know next to nothing about grave art)

Looks like I'm taking Friday's post today, since I'm shamefully late. I'm in book edits and nearing the end of the house remodel, which means I'm behind on everything! Grave art isn't something I know much about, though I have gotten a few character first names by reading grave markers while at decoration. Most of the headstones around here are cookie-cutter fashion with a flower or angel, etc, etched between the names. ( When the times comes, I want a dragon on mine with a long tail that wraps around it until the end forms a pen. In its hands would be a book. The tip of the tail/pen would be poised to write. )

I'll leave you with a couple of snips from my wip Circle of Seven-Shadows of Light (formerly called Bite Me!) Here's a quick blurb and the beginning (unfinished) of the last chapter.

In 600 a.d. a Council of Elders met with the hopes of forming a defense against the oldest vampire and his kind. To save mankind from extinction, seven powerful witches were chosen to form an alliance, each from a different continent with power unique to their people. These women were known simply as "The Seven". When erotic romance author Brianna Hughes begins receiving pictures of ritually murdered women and then one of herself, naked with blood streaming from the bite wounds in her neck. Brie seeks the last man she wants to run to for help, vampire Kail McKenna.
Kail has seen more than his share of death and destruction in his fourteen hundred years. When Brie walks back into his life as living proof of the Seven returned, he has no choice but to honor his charge as Guardian of the Seven. Death stalks Brie and craves not only her blood but her power. Thrice the Seven have returned. With only Brianna the Light left to battle the darkness, will Kail be able to save his love and his soul?

Chapter (the end)

Kail lifted his sword high and poised to strike. A thousand thoughts, scenes, memories flashed through his timeless mind. Each one led to this moment, and now he would destroy the Seven completely. If I send Shade to hell, they’ll be no coming back for the others. Brie would be free. I’ll finally be free.
He slashed downward, his blade sang as it met Shade’s. The force of the blow rang through his hands up his arms. So, this is what its like to fight another vampire whose strength so perfectly matches my own. The Darkness. Maybe the elders had made a mistake when choosing to add that final lethal power to their perfect number of destined warrior women. I see that now. It was always Shade who wrought destruction. Shade killed Ari the first Light, and then turned Cailin the second Light. Darkness will always war against the light of hope. Here I am, the darkest of immortal men, fighting for a hope I’m afraid to believe in, a love I can’t feel and a woman I can’t keep. I don’t know who’s the bigger fool.
“Give up, Kail McKenna. Keeper of Seven, Guardian of Times. I am the Seven now. Darkness was always meant to swallow the others and step into the fold.”
“No. Elias has twisted your mind, Shade. I can’t believe that.”
“Fool. These mortal women were leaders of their people. Wherest they go so did their followers. What better way to rule man’s world than to use the humans’ loyalty against them?”
“There are but two left. When I have them, I’ll unleash a force so powerful, you’re humans will beg to be changed.” The onyx in Shade’s pendant began to give off a strange black light. It pulsed and wavered with a life of its own. Dark clouds and lightening wrapped around her sword turning the blade obsidian….

Oh, I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago I submitted this proposal to Jessica Faust of Book Ends. She has requested a partial, so wish me luck. I'm shootin' for print this time.


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