Monday, June 8, 2009

Music? Or talking?

OK, I admit it.  I have strange taste in music.  Seriously, it's all across the board!

My iPod holds everything from Celtic music (new and traditional) to 80s head-banger stuff.  There's even some Toby Keith and Brooks and Dunn.  (Hey, I live in South Dakota!  What did you expect?)

But what do I listen to as I write, you ask?  



Lime and Violet usually top the list.  Their knitting podcasts run about two hours of fun and that's about enough time for me to get into a groove.  My second choice is usually Charmed Angel Talk, an internet call-in show  dealing with....  well, angels.

If I'm really just wanting some music to write to, I stick to Enya.  Her classic sound is soothing and easy to have as background noise.  



Keri Stevens said...

Am jealous of you who can listen to music. I can't even listen to classical/lyric-free tunes. I WANT to, but I get distracted really easily, apparently.

When I'm in the car, however, songs hit me and I think, "That's perfect for my hero/heroine/antagonist." Do I remember them by the time I get home? Heck no. Sigh.

Nichole R. Bennett said...

Keri, I know what you mean! I have sticky notes in my car for those things. I can write quickly at a red light!

Keri Stevens said...

That's a great idea. Do you keep the sticky notes under the half-can of diet coke, or beneath the broken sunglasses, or on the floorboard with the spare diaper?
(I never let other grownups ride in my car! LOL!)