Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dracula VS Wolfman in a Knock Down Drag Out Bawl!!

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of SUPERNATURAL THROW DOWN, I'm your host Wink Hosterson. With me as always is my color commentator, Skippy! Hello Skippy.
Hello Wink.
Today we've got a real treat for you, a cage match, Dracula VS Wolfman! And here's the first bell! Dracula comes out from his corner looking a little disoriented.
I think the lights may be a problem for him Wink.
Right you are Skippy. Now Wolfman has entered the ring and immediately starts circling Drac. It is just eerie to see.
Well Wink, it does look strange to see a wolf walking around on his hind legs like that
Isn't that the truth. Wolfman takes the first lunge, clawing at Dracula across the chest! THE WOUND IMMEDIATELY HEALS!! We are witnessing history today folks! Dracula steps back. He comes at Wolfman in the form of two hundred bats! That has got to cause a lot of confusion for Wolfman.
Sure does Wink.
Wolfman waves the bats away with tooth and claw. I think he's got one in his mouth! That has got to hurt!
Those jaws can bite through steel Wink.
Thank you Skippy. Wolfman spits out the bat, and Dracula reassembles himself. Yes, Yes, there is a large chunk missing now out of his right side. Wait, what's this? Dracula has pulled out a silver dagger! He is going for the big guns now!
Silver is deadly to werewolves Wink.
Really Skippy? Dracula lunges at Wolfman. Wolfman dodges out of the way. He seems to be looking for something at the side of the ring. Looks like he's found it. Oh my God! He's found a wooden stake! They are matching each other, weapon for weapon.
Vampies can't...
You're kind of a moron, aren't you Skippy?
Sure am Wink!
Ok, there going at it folks, dagger against stake. Dracula is starting to look a little tired. And Wolfman pounces! Dracula is down on the ground! He goes in for the kill... The stake is in! Dracula is dust! This fight is over folks! Remember to tune in next week when we have Swamp Thing VS The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

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