Monday, November 2, 2009

A year already?

It doesn't seem like we've been online a whole year, but what a year its been.  We lost two of our original bloggers (We still miss you Barb and J.K.) and gained three new friends to share our blog with.  We started out as unpublished writers (mostly) and now I've got two books contracted, one out and one due in December.  Nichole sold Ghost Mountain.  Heather is expecting a baby and writing up a storm.  Sandra is multipublished and working on more. Melissa and Nerine are hard at work on their own projects and keep popping up all over the net. 

Personally, its been a growing year for me.  I've learned to do things I never thought I could or would want too.  I've practically rebuilt a house by myself, sold two books and laid out the foundations for the Elemental Magic Series and a new vampire one.  I've met tons of new authors and readers through reviewing, judging, and blogging.  It makes me wonder where the new year will take us, as a group and individually.  Wherever it does, I'm sure there will be great books, rejection letters, new projects and contracts, and celebrations of new releases.  That's the writer's life. 

Have a Happy Halloween everyone and watch out for those little spooks running around your neighborhood.  Keep safe!
Be blessed,

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