Monday, November 2, 2009

Who has time?

I don't write time travelers. Well, I don't think I do, but I could be wrong.

Allow me to explain myself.

I've never considered myself a big sci-fi fan, although I've probably seen every Star Trek show ever made (the original, thank you very much) and the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series. Oh, and Star Wars in the theaters. And, I owned a light saber.

But, really, I'm not a sci-fi fan and could do without time travel. Mostly.

Then I started doing the edits for Ghost Mountain. There is a Lakota Shaman and a Celtic Goddess. Both are Divine entities, each timeless in their existence. My novel, however, takes place in the now.

As I struggled with the question of WHY I chose the present day, it occurred to me that my love of history wouldn't allow me to play with the facts. I can't read a book that plays too loosely with actual events. If women were considered chattel at the time, I can't get into a book where a woman owns a company. Yes, I understand there are exceptions to every rule, but I like my history to be believable. I just can't imagine a queen or princess solving murders in a time where a woman of "reputation" would have to be escorted everywhere!

So, I write in the now in order not to mess with history.

Geography, however, is another story!

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