Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who the heck are you?

Do I like my heroine in my current WIP?

Hmm, that's a loaded question. She's a space pirate. Strong. Stubborn. Doesn't show alot of emotion and doesn't take a whole lot of crap from anyone.

So far, this book is different from anything I've ever written and it's a bit hard to write in places. But, I will tell you I'm very excited about this book and now that it's 2/3's done and the excitement level is still there, I consider it a good sign.

How does my hero feel about this gal? Well, he's intrigued and a bit intimidated by her and he might be a glutton for punishment. Trouble is, he'll have to really bring it to get them out of a tight situation.

Long story short? Yes, I like my heroine--mostly LOL Stay tuned.

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