Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Where am I?" or "When am I?"...

I apologize for the delay of the post.  I've been in and out of the doctor's office all week for a bad shoulder, bronchitis and a nasty gash on my arm from working on the house.  Such is the general day to day in my world.

Time travel has always fascinated me.  Regardless of the nature of the traveling.  Isn't there something you've always regretted and would like to do differently?  No?  Well consider yourself fortunate.  I for one can think of several things I would change if I could, so the idea of creating a story around the abilty to travel through time is captivating to me.  Back in high school, I wrote my very first (very very rough draft) book ever.  I can remember being so proud that I'd actually finished an entire story.  I didn't know how rough it was, or how many mistakes I'd have to correct when I laid eyes on Cassidy's Emerald seventeen years later.  All I knew was it was my very first time travel story and I loved it.  Now that I'm going back and typing in the words on the computer, altering pov switches, rambling sentences and outright catastrophes, I'm amazed at the growth between that writer and this one.  I still love Nick and Katherine's story.

Story-wise time travel happens many different ways, by machine, ancient portals to where ever, and sorcery, so I had the idea to do something outside the box.  I gave my hero Nick Cassidy, a family fortune, a professor's degree in etymology- Not sure if that's right, but he studied ancient Eygpt.- and an old house with a ghostly portrait of a beautiful woman named Katherine.  He becomes obsessed with reaching her time to the point he is willing to try anything.  He has in his possesion a large emerald discovered while in Eygpt in a merchant bazaar.  Legend has it, an Egyptian princess and her guard were trapped in the stone because they refused to let rules tear apart their love.  Now being who he is, he researches and buys up old money, clothes etc.  For the purpose of this story, how accurate do I have to be with the Ancient Egyptian culture?  Good question.  I'm still working that out.

Have a blessed week, all!

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