Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kickin' the muse into high gear...

I apologize to everyone for the lateness of this post and the abscence of it last Saturday.  I've been sick with some sort of crud that has me knocked out.  Doc has me taking antibiotics, but they aren't helping much. 

My muse is definitely a fickle female terror to this writer.  Her mood is directly tied to my emotions.  If I have all the time in the world to write, she has nothing to say.  No time?  I can't keep her quiet, especially at work.  Like now, for instance, I just finally worked out the next scene in To Take Up the Sword, its in a cheesy motel room and the bad guys are about to bust in on the hero & heroine. (platonic scene at this point)
And... I'm at work. Can't write it out, and I'm afraid I'll lose it.  Any ideas on how to kick her into high gear, because (drum roll please) I just signed a contract for the remaining books in my Elemental Magic Series with Lyrical Press. 
Be blessed,


C.J. Ellisson said...

Whoot!! You go girl! So thrilled for you - but I'm sorry you're sick.

Feel better soon babe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, C.J.!