Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paranormal Suspense

A fine line exists between paranormal and suspense. Suspense is defined as anxiety or apprehension resulting from an uncertain or undecided mysterious outcome. In my opinion, it comes in differents kinds of forms. For instance, the paranormal lends a spooky element to suspense. Where will the ghost show next? Will it make itself visible? A tiny sliver of the moment before a werewolf springs to attack, or backs away? Definitely suspenseful.

But there are other ways to use suspense. In romance, their is tension and almost fear of love. I we look hard enough, we can find some element of suspense in just about every genre book. The moment before a dragon unleashes his fiery breath? A knight poised to strike a final blow? The hero and heroine in a romance novel just before their first kiss? That is the kind of 'edge of your seat' tension bound to keep readers reading.

You may say "Well, I can't write suspense." I think the best authors are masters of the art of suspense, some of them are just a little sneakier about sprinkling it through their work.


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