Monday, July 20, 2009

Walking makes writing easier

Sometimes being the "Monday Blogger" isn't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, if the four of us don't plan our topic ahead, Heather, Beth, and Sandra expect me to pick one. Talk about pressure.

Well, guess what? We forgot to pick a topic ahead of time.

And then I slept in this morning, so I couldn't even send a quick note to the gang to see if they had any ideas. Dang it!

As I went on my walk this morning (in an effort to procrastinate writing the blog), I tried to think of a topic to write about. I couldn't think of much.

That is until I realized that my morning walk really helped my writing. In the hour that I'm out, I have the opportunity to work out plot problems. I can figure out where my characters are going without that evil cursor blinking and mocking me.

Even though I am not a fitness nut and would rather read a book then walk to the mailbox, I'm starting to figure out that I need that time to be more productive. I need that physical movement to counteract the mental planning I have to do.

What about you? How do other authors clear their heads to plan the next scene? I'd love to know!


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