Monday, July 13, 2009

Missing the paranormal

One of the main themes of this blog is, of course, the paranormal. We often discuss our thoughts on the topic or relate our own experiences.

This week won't be any different.

Historically, there has always been the paranormal. Without starting a debate over who really built the Egyptian pyramids and why, there had to be some inspiration that started the process. In the Victorian era, people even threw parties just to discuss the paranormal (then referred to as "occult," meaning "hidden knowledge").

In our more modern, "enlightened" times, we have gut feelings and women's intuition.

I'll admit that lately I've been too involved in the physical world to pay much attention to the spiritual one. And, yes, that seems to be wrecking havoc on my sense of balance. I haven't noticed the strange and wonderful goings-on around me. I haven't been as faithful in my personal meditation time as I should be.

Therefore, I haven't been experiencing the paranormal as strongly as ... well ... normal. Even though my life hasn't slowed done, though, I'm making more of an effort to look -- and listen -- for the paranormal. I know it's out there. Waiting for me to discover it!


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