Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Name Game

The name shapes the person. My name is Heather. It means "evergreen". It's also a fragrant Scottish weed that grows and even thrives in the harshest conditions, even in places where other plants can't get a foothold in. And for anybody that knows me, they can tell you, I was very well named. The same holds true with characters.

Would you name your kick-ass hero Irving? Ever heard of a sex-pot called Mable? Mmmmmm, no.

My main character was once called Wanda. She was just a fuzzy outline of a real person, and the name was just something I picked out of the ether because I needed something to call her. But with the name Wanda, she didn't change. She didn't become clearer at all. In fact, it became harder and harder to get a hold on her.

So changed her name. And Olivia was born. She became almost instantly earthy, natural, and strong. She was suddenly in tune with nearly everything around her. It was as if she were able to listen to the earth herself.

So see. The name DOES say it all.

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