Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Paranormal Life

So as we speak, my grandmother is throwing things at my husband. It wouldn't be so bad, but she's been dead for several years. And she throws things because she LIKES him, not because she doesn't. Grandma Jean has always been the most vocal of the 'ghosts' in my life. Her mother Gigi is usually with her, and is as soft spoken in her afterlife as she was in her life. I'm pretty sure that Jean's husband Jack has crossed over, or if he hasn't he just doesn't feel the need to come around. My other grandfather Herb is more the 'felt not seen' type of ghost. Though if you go to my parents house, you can still hear him working in his basement workshop almost every day.

And those are just the ghosts I'm related to (and oddly the only ones in the house). There are the spirits that live in my back yard, the ones in the side yard (they don't cross whatever invisible binderies they've drawn up), and then the ones I just see walking around.

Yeah, I lead a charmed life.


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