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Welcome Guest C.J. Ellisson

C.J. Ellisson is an avid reader of anything paranormal, fantasy and supernatural. She noticed there was decided lack in the genre for hot monogamy and decided to write a book revolving around a dedicated couple.

A married mother of two, C.J. is struggling, like most, to balance all aspects of her life. The fit seems to be a good one so far! Her passion comes through in her vibrant characters and their humorous outlook on life.

Visit The VV Inn located in Alaska, a resort for the undead and their companions. The hot married innkeepers manipulate the sexual escapades of the guests while trying to solve a murder. It’s a harried week of adventure to say the least! Come explore the world she creates and see if you aren’t drawn in too.

From Book Club to Writer

I’m a new writer in the paranormal genre – well, let me clarify further. I’m a new writer, period. I’ve always had ideas; I’ve always had visions of grandeur and I’ve always had dreams about writing a book.

My book club and one member changed that all for me.

This past January, near the end of the month, I attended a book club where the book discussed was ‘The Other Boleyn Girl.” I didn’t finish it, but watched the movie instead. I was much more interested in getting back to my fast-paced vampire and werewolf books; they always hold me, grip me by the throat, and drag me along to finish reading quickly.

What I did get out of the meeting was much more important than discussing the latest book, I heard two of my friends talking about the books they are writing. I was shocked. What could they know about this that I didn’t? Could it really be as easy as just writing stuff down?

One of them, Supriya, drove me home that night and we talked in my driveway for almost an hour about her book, writing and my ideas. She was incredibly enthusiastic and supportive – loved my concept, loved my opening line and told me to get to work. I thanked her profusely, but honestly thought she was just being kind.

She contacted me the next day. She was serious when she offered for us to get together to talk about writing. The email she left told me we would get together in a few days for lunch and she wanted to see an outline.

Holy Crap! An Outline?!?

Ideas started churning in my head and I started to think of the plot. I mean really try to figure out where it could go. A day or two later she called me to confirm, and as of yet, I had still done nothing. Her kindness and high energy just oozed through the line – it was contagious! She told me to skip the outline and start writing the first chapter, that I had so many ideas I should get them down on paper.

That was when I started to think maybe I could give it a try, and if it was bad, well, at least I gave it a shot.

On February 10th, I started to write. When Supriya and I met for lunch the following week I had the whole chapter done and she was the first after my husband to read it. She was floored!! She couldn’t stop saying enough good things and made my head so big I was lucky I ever came back to earth!

I started to write more in earnest, followed her sage advice to make sure I knew the end before I started, and began to outline my work. The outline had always been in my head, but now I put pen to paper and wrote three or four short sentences describing the action/movement of plotline in each one.

By the time I hit chapter nine in March, I knew I should get some feedback. What would happen if I kept going and it was all crap? Supriya had read some more and still raved about everything I wrote and offered me some of the best critiques on my pieces to date. But, well, honestly, at this point I started to think she was blowing some serious sunshine up my a**.

Who the hell am I? I have no background in writing, I’m just some schmoe that decided to give it a go. She gave me some great direction – take some classes, join a critique group, join some writing guilds and learn to hone the craft.

I joined several guilds, two crit groups, two critiquing sites and then started to market myself everywhere I could think of. I have a sales background, so this part was easier for me then writing.

Now, here I am in May and I’m on chapter 15! Yes, I slowed down with all the re-write distractions, critiquing and self promoting, but I’m firmly back on track. I have a following on Facebook, which still shocks me, and am signed up for my first writing class next month.

I met Bethany in a crit group and she invited me here – for which I feel very honored. This truly is a Frightening Journey, the road to becoming published and I’m grateful to be included among such talent.

Thanks – I’m happy to be here,
C.J. Ellisson

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