Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Once again, of course, I'm running horribly late. Thankfully I'm at least getting the Blog in on the right day.

I've written before about how my characters don't seem to want to go where I want them to go. It's a constant source of frustration for me. And finally this week, I'd had enough. I decided if the damn things didn't want to go where I wanted them to go, then I'd sit back and let them lead me.

And something wonderful happened.

Wanda suddenly became Olivia. There were no vampires. No ware wolves. Instead, an entirely new creature emerged, something I'd only read about once or twice. Something akin to the Dunadane ( I know I didn't spell that right) from Lord Of The Rings. Olivia and Steven (as they will now be known) showed me that the story I started out with was a good jumping off point, but the one they would finish would be so much better.

So I'm sorry that the Blog entry is a little late today, but I have a good reason...

I was writing.

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