Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Secret Life of Fairies

Wow, this last week has gone by so fast I could hardly keep up with it.

My post today has to do with the often overlooked race of beings of fairies. I'll admit, when writing a paranormal novel, I relegate these beings to taking a backseat role or providing comic relief. I can't seem to help it.

For example, there are four fairies in my first paranormal novel and eventually they come together to bring about the fall of a demon lord. Tiny or life-sized, these magical folk play an important role. They can impart vital information that the hero/heroine needs to know, help the leading couple over hurdles, be a guide, or generally complicate the plot and be nothing more than a nuisance the hero/heroine has to put up with in order to get to the end.

Actually, fairies are kinda like an annoying sibling when you really think about it :-)

I like them because I can write them any way. Some have scaly skin in a variety of colors, sharp pointy teeth, etc. Yeah, sometimes fairies aren't the cavity sweet brand like Tinkerbell--but that's what makes them more exciting and interesting.

They may be secondary players but don't discount them. Generally, without them, nothing would ever get done!

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