Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Better late than never?...

Better late than never...at least that's how the saying goes. Thanks to a houseful of sick kids, a hospital visit with one of them and myself being down for the count, I'm doing a lot of catching up today(Forgive me?), so let me update.

Nichole, Mayhem in the Midlands sounds like it was a blast! Happy belated Memorial Day to everyone here in the states. I hope you all had fun in the sun (or chilly weather) with cookouts and parties. I also hope everyone took a moment to remember why we have the holiday and honored veterans, serving, retired and fallen.

I guess we don't have a paranormal topic this week as yet, but I was watching something on the history channel while my daughter was in the hospital. Okay, so I was actually watching her iv drip with extreme paranoia than she would have to have her appendix out when it turned out it was just a stomach bug. Anyway, the fleeting question was "Does the moon have an effect on human behavior? More specifically the full moon? And if so why?"

There are different schools of thought on this. Personally, I say yes. For one, my mom was a nurse and will tell you the full moon always made the patients in the psychiatric ward a challenge. Crime rates spike around a full moon. So do births. Think about it. The moon controls the tides, and humans are at least 70% water right, I think. So why not. Something to ponder.
Back to the virtual piles of work that await. Edits have started Yay!

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I hope everyone is feeling better!