Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When paranormal goes just a little too far?

You curl up in your favorite easy chair with a hot cup of cocoa, or coffee if you’re like me, and the newest paranormal thriller by your favorite author. It’s been a long tiring day. Dinner is finished, the dishes cleared and the kids are off doing their own thing. You’ve waited months to read this new book. Finally, a moment to relax! Pages turn and suddenly you’re stuck in the middle of a paranormal soap-opera. The writer has created paranormal chaos. The main character is a witch, with a werewolf husband, fairy kids and that cousin from wherever who happens to be their own grandma AND second cousin twice removed thanks to a little mishap with time travel. So how much is too much?

If you find yourself flipping back to see just who has what kind of power, if they're they good or bad, how are you supposed to focus on the story? You can't. I don't mind a little time travel mixed in with vampires or even witches. In fact, I tend to expect some of that with those types of stories. Werewolves are complicated enough without trying to figure out the whens and wheres of half a dozen characters. All with some kind of ability I might add. Sheesh. A hero and heroine with powers in one magical world is plenty. It's their story I'm interested in!

Beth (Y'all have a lovely Valentine's Day!)


Nancy J. Parra said...

I agree- remember- KISS- keep it simple silly...

It makes the story more powerful.

Great blog!

Bethany said...

Thanks, Nancy!