Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple Magic...

Every story I write has a peppering of magic. Usually in the form of a witch or someone who is uniquely gifted in some way. So what constitutes as magic? Hmm, fairies and witches (both good and bad) would definitely fall in the category of magic. But what about simple magic? You know the stuff you take for granted in the day to day pace of life.
A bird sings outside your window one of most beautiful songs. It isn't a composer, of course, and has no way of knowing the notes it trills are in perfect tune. Sun glistens off the multi-colored fall leaves just after a rain storm turning the woods into a glittery wonderland. I like to think of such things as simple magic. It takes little effort on our part. We only need look and listen.

Then there is the technical magic of the computer world. You can travel via the internet to places you've never been and most likely won't go in your lifetime. Can you imagine how someone from the fifteenth century would react to all the comforts we are afforded in this time? To them, we would be a planet full of wizards!

A little voice pops into your head and says, "Don't buy the car, Beth. Mistake!" or a warning to your particular situation. (I should have listened, because now I'm stuck with a three thousand dollar lawn ornament that I only got to drive once.) Anyway, magic is everywhere in one form or another. Stop. Pay attention. You'll see.

p.s. The lovely fairy pics are free graphics courtesy of this talented artist's site. Jessica Galbreth


Beth (Still, pondering the randomness of my post through a cold induced DayQuil haze. Wondering how the heck a perfect running car, suddenly starts knocking and throws a rod three hours later. )

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