Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recipe for the Bad Guy...

  • 1 cup of nasty attitude
  • 1 $5000 dollar suit and cuban cigars (can be substituted for black jeans, black shirt and accessories)
  • A talent for stringing curse words together (in public or private)
  • A wicked fast car, truck or fancy army outfitted vehicle (Add a fleet of various ones for added effect)
  • Motive for Nepharious deeds (Lots of cash (illgotten of course) or No cash at all, Computer technology- Be creative)
  • Evil soul (Can be substituted with mental defect or tortured past)

Bake in the pits of H**L until sufficiently motivated to cause mayhem and murder.
Finish by adding your weapon of choice (LOTS of them)!

Sounds silly doesn't it? Yet, a lot of book and movie bad guys fall into this recipe or formula for the modern day bad guy. It's not enough for the reader or watcher to know WHAT they are, but WHY they are. Unless a bad guy is a sociopath or just plain psychotic, something made him the way he is. What makes them do what they do best? Add in the Paranormal bad guys and well alot of backstory could be in their make up. So how do you break free of the cookie cutter CEO's gone sour and hitman out for revenge? Show their human side. A newborn has the potential to be the next president or just as likely the next serial killer. The same goes with characters. What path did life set for them? What choices did they make to bring them to this point? Therin lies your answer to the perfect bad guy.


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Sandra Sookoo said...

That's true :-) I give all my characters a bit of humanity, that may or may not be their ultimate downfall :-)