Friday, February 20, 2009

Magical Elements--a unique spin or contrived cliche?

Writing’s my life. It’s been this way for years. I’m most happy when I’m creating worlds, birthing characters, building problems for the heroes and throwing stumbling blocks at the heroines. It’s great to be a writer—but it’s even better when people enjoy my work.

As much as I like writing about drawing rooms in 1900-era America or light and breezy chick-lit pieces, my most recent love is hands down the paranormal genre. Walk through the romance isles at any bookstore in mainstream America and you’ll find that by far the biggest and most picked over genre has got something to do with the paranormal or supernatural.

And while the vampire in one of my novels is one of the strongest heroes I’ve created, I have to say I really like my werewolf hero more. It’s my dream that one day soon a publisher will fall in love with these gentleman as much I have. I don’t foresee the paranormal craze to end anytime soon.

Recently, though, while I’m waiting to be “discovered” in full length paranormal romance, I’ve hit a groove with short novellas—contemporary stories with a magical spin. I take a normal, everyday world and add a highly imaginative element—magic. Everyone has thought about having magical powers, I just give a random person in my books that ability. What they do with it is up to them. For good or for ill, the thing is, magic exists. We just need to believe. It’s all around us, waiting to be acknowledged.

Santa Claus, Cupid, ghosts, or what have you, I’ve created the “what if” in my writing. Give the reader just a taste, a quick glimpse of a world they want to believe in, make them think “it could be true or it could happen.” Always leave the readers wanting more. Make the reader smile, ponder a little bit, yearn for what I’ve created so that when the book ends, a feeling of disappointment mixes with the happiness because it’s over.

That’s the secret to good writing. And that’s why a good writer will sells multiple books.

So, write the story of your soul, give it a unique spin all your own, and you will succeed.

Like… magic…


Tonya Keller-Kappes said...

I agree. Being a writer, you get the best satisfaction when someone reads your work and walks away with the exact emotion you want the reader to walk away with.
Making up stories makes it fun to be a fiction writer.
Great Post!!!

Bethany said...

I agree. Welcome,Sandra!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks girls! I may not be the world's best blogger but at least someone agreed with me! :-)