Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Magic or Magick?

When I'm asked if I believe in magic(k) the answer is always yes. Magic(k) is everywere and if you don't see it, youre not looking hard enough. I believe in not only the magic of the top hatted guy on stage, but the magick sitting in my back yard and listening to the earth hum.

I love stories that deal in magick too. I love thinking up different spells that a character may perform, different rituals, etc. But I think the most powerful use of magick in books is the unconsious use of magick. Think Ophelia's first magick spells in the Abby and Ophelia books, or Harry Potter when you first meet him.

I love that

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Anonymous said...

While magic makes an intriguing background for any story, I am always astounded that love is the most powerful. In Harry Potter, it is the love of his friends, the love he has for others that always wins the day. Love can appear magical, because sometimes it makes no sense at all and often gives the lover extraordinary power over his or her circumstances. A spell can set the stage, but a spell wears off. True love is timeless. Now that another topic for a blog. True love.

--Susan Hanniford Crowley, Romance Writer