Monday, October 26, 2009

My Personal Reflections

This past year has been interesting to day the least. I've gone from actively working on a new years resolution of loosing weight and getting in better shape, to expecting a baby and all weight loss out the window. I've started and thrown out my first non-children's book idea, and started on another.

This year I've fallen more in love with my husband than I thought I ever could. My daughter's bio-mother moved 3 hours away taking her away and I found out what having your heart break really felt like.

I've gone from building a custom costuming business, to breaking down my sewing room and storing most of my equipment in the dark corner of the basement so that my daughter can have her own room rather than share with the baby. I've watched my body go from something I had ultimate control over, to something that I not only cannot control, but that is apparently being taken over by an alien being.

I'm hoping for the next year that it will be a blur of baby stuff, writing, editing, sewing, and loving my family.

But of course I fully expect to win the lottery.


Nerine Dorman said...

Argh, good luck with baby stuff. And remember to make some time for yourself once the youngling has arrived, even if it's a few hours each week of "me" time.

Melissa said...

ROTFL!!! Sorry, it was't a funny post, I just remember the days of being pregnant (I was totally insane) and wrestling with hopes and dreams of one day being in control of something. Eighteen years later, here I am, mistress of my little cyber world. Shh... I'm still in control here, darn it, they haven't figured out how to get around me yet!

All kidding aside, that is one heck of a rollercoaster you've stepped onto, treasure the ticket stub because before you know it, baby will be driving and you'll be staring at graduation party invitations wondering just where the years went. The hard days drag and the wonderful ones flash past, but in the end, you'll never regret a single pound or extra inch gained. *hugs*