Thursday, October 15, 2009

He said what?

My post this week will be short. I'm not prepared. I haven't thought about it. I've had a busy week, capped off with a rejection last night that threw me for a loop and I can't seem to move past it yet.

Eventually, I'll be okay. Just not now.

Anyway, when writing the male POV, you need to remember not to make him talk girlie and with long, rambling sentences. Just listen to your husband or partner. Grunting, short, one/two word answers is generally what you'll get.

Men are visual creatures as well, but don't expect them to differentiate between scarlet and crimson. It's just red. You're only wearing some sort of sweater and a pair of black shoes. What the hell are pumps? LOL

Simple and easy are best.

Happy writing!


Nichole R. Bennett said...

Rejections bite! Hope next week is a better one.


Bethany said...

Sorry about your rejection, Sandra. They just plain stink, no matter where or when they come from. Better luck next time. Harlequin has rejected me so many times, I usually laugh when I read their letters. I keep subbing there though. I hate being told "you can't do ..." something.

Melissa said...

*hugs* I kept some of my nastier rejections, just to keep me grounded on days when I started to feel all uppity. Haven't had one of those yet, but throwing darts at photocopies of them does make a body feel pretty darned good in the interim :D