Sunday, October 4, 2009

Which way did my muse go?

 So have you seen that elusive magical creature?  She's supposed to hang out with me day in and out, giving me awesome ideas and keeping me pumped up for the next story, but... She's headed for the hills.  The hammering and drills give her headaches.  She's tired of sawdust and nasty smelling adhesive.  She can't inspire me with the thoughts of me possibly sawing off my fingers with the circular saw while building walls.  Or that's what I think.  Have you ever heard the phrase "If you try to do too many things, you'll end of doing nothing right?"  I think this is true to some degree.

It's very easy to letting little things slide when you have a lot to do.  Yesterday, the muse pops back into my head with a new idea for TO TAKE UP THE SWORD, something I haven't worked on in a few years, but that I'll have to start soon. She finds me in the middle of watching my daughter's volleyball tournament.  It always seems to be like that.  So here's a question.  How do you save those ideas for later, when you're not
building, or working, or being cheer mom?  Got any ideas?


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Nerine Dorman said...

I keep a journal. I blog about some of my ideas. But also, I tend to schedule the ones that I KNOW are really good. I get excited about them and start reading supplementary literature to keep the ideas flowing.

Then I outline... Just as I'm wrapping up another project. Once I've got the outline down, a project can sit for a while without fear of loss.

It's easy to tweak an outline. Not so easy to tweak a novel if you've written the entire thing already.