Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a mystery...uh no, it's my life

Because I can’t remember if there was a theme for this week, I’m just going to blog about whatever comes to mind.

Last week was frantic. I had a book release, an online book launch party, a migraine. Then came a new contract for a full-length historical/paranormal book and all the forms that come with it. Not to mention a string of line edits from the edge of beyond. Top that with finishing a novella for an open call.

Needless to say, my brain kicked over into dead space yesterday and I baked a cake because that’s what I do when my mind is crowded. Which is good because while the hands are busy, the brain can play.

So, now that the chaos has settled a bit, I’m turning my attention to writing a new full length book. After spending the last few months working on nothing but novellas, I’m anxious to make my keyboard fly with new writing.

I love the chance full length fiction gives me to really explore my characters. In these instances, I feel very much like a scientist as I watch my characters squirm in uncomfortable situations fraught with sexual tension and life-problems. It just so happens that this one will include a shape shifter, you know, to make life interesting.

Do I have a point to the blog today? Not really. I’m back to the beginning and I can’t wait to get started. Talk to me in three months. By then I’ll have a 70K word book and I’m pretty certain it will really rock.

Until then, happy writing.

Oh, and if I could take three books to an island, here's the thing. If I knew in advance I was going, I'd buy an e-reader and stuff it full of three hundred books. :-)

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Nerine Dorman said...

Congrats on the contract!

But I know how you feel... Deadlines driving me crazy.