Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome, Nancy!

This week's guest blogger is Nancy K. Haddock.

She has one book published, and one on the way. Congratulations, Nancy!


She's Gidget with Fangs? Cowabunga! Buried for more than 200 years under an old Victorian house, Cesca Marinelli is unearthed in a time when vampires are a protected species and dives into her second chance at afterlife. Soon she’s living la vida vampire as a surfer girl, a fiend for bridge, and a ghost tour guide in St. Augustine, Florida. That is, until the tide turns and brings a stalker, a shifter, and a killer into the picture. Cesca is forced to team up with sexy ex-slayer Deke Saber who insists that she stop passing for mortal and embrace her vamp powers. If she doesn't, she could be the next victim - and this time, the wipe out will be permanent.


Cesca Marinelli is on an afterlife high with a fun job, good friends, and nice new digs—until a budding stand-up comic, Jo-Jo the Jester, escapes from his Atlanta nest looking for sanctuary. Worse than Jo-Jo’s bad jokes, a psychotic vampire with a murderous agenda has followed Jo-Jo to Florida, putting everyone close to Cesca in danger. She must discover what the not-so-comic mess has to do with an energy-sapping plague knocking off the country’s head vamps. Even it kills her. Again.

Make sure you comment on her post (coming VERY soon).  One lucky winner will be winning a copy of  Nancy's first book!  Good luck!

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