Monday, March 9, 2009

Environmentally conscious magic

Magic is all around us.

I've said that before.  Maybe you weren't listening.  (Or should that be "reading"?  Whatever.)

My personal belief is that we use magic when we cook.   We use it when we pray.

In my series, Cerri doesn't exactly "use" magic in the sense that she's standing over a boiling cauldron adding eye of newt to a potion.  (Cerri's mother, on the other hand, we aren't so sure about!)

Cerri does, however, bless her new home with salt.  She carries a quartz for protection.  She plants certain flowers and herbs because she knows their medicinal properties.   Or is she just making the most of what she has?  Following the traditions she learned as a child?  Using talismans as psychological tools or out of habit?  Making her own camomile tea to save her family some money and to be sure what's actually in the brew?  I guess that depends on who you ask.  Cerri doesn't consider it magic, though I would argue that she uses magic the same way and for the same reasons our ancestors would have — because that's what she knows.

In some ways, Cerri is the ultimate "green woman."  She wouldn't think of littering any more then she would consider robbing a bank.  She may not recycle in the "sort your trash" way, but she will re-use what she can as often as she can.   Her style of magic could even be described as environmentally conscious.  Defined as a hedge witch by today's standards, Cerri is really just a wise woman of old living in the here and now.  

Then again, Cerri isn't really into magic.  She wants to fit in.  To be normal.  At least that's what she thinks she wants!


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