Friday, March 13, 2009

Magic Mania!

I was wild about Samantha Stevens of the TV show Bewitched. I wanted to be Samantha with a passion, and who wouldn’t?

Love spells? Sure, they have their place, but I wanted all those other magical powers. Changing clothes with a sweep of the hands. Cleaning the house with a snap of the fingers. Teleporting anywhere in the world with the wiggle of the nose.

Come on, how cool is that?

Much as I still fantasize about being Samantha with all her powers (and believe me, my house would appreciate the cleaning part!), I now get my magic fixes in all the great books featuring witches and warlocks and a myriad of other characters with magical powers. Which authors leap to mind? Kelley Armstrong, Linda Wisdom, Yasmine Galenorn, and Rachel Caine with the djinn in her Weather Wardens series -- and they are only a handful of the many authors I read who are writing … well… marvelously magical books. Whether the author brews up dragon magic, fairy magic, or ley line magic, I tap into it all with joyous abandon!

So why is my lead character, Cesca Marinelli a vampire and not a witch? For starters, that’s not what I heard in the peanut butter commercial that inspired Cesca. (Long story!) But, wait! I do have a wizard in my series, and Cosmil even has a shape-shifting sidekick. Pandora is not a werecreature, but spell-born Florida panther that magically shifts into a hefty house cat and back again. Cosmil and his magicks appear in La Vida Vampire, but he and Pandora take bigger roles in Last Vampire Standing. In Book 3, they’ll become Cesca’s “power” coaches.

So, do you have a favorite series that features magic-workers of any kind? Are you writing characters with magic powers? Please share a comment! I love adding titles to my TBR list, and

I’ll be giving away a copy of La Vida Vampire to one commenter!

My thanks to Nicole for inviting me to visit! May all your writing and reading be fabulous fun!

Nancy Haddock is the author of LA VIDA VAMPIRE, the first in a new and quirky series from Berkley Publishing Group. Her second novel in the series, LAST VAMPIRE STANDING, is a May 5, 2009 release. You can visit Nancy at and enter her contests by clicking on the Beach Party page.


misa ramirez said...

I loved Bewitched, too! My friend and I would play Bewitched and she'd usually choose to be Sabrina, the tricky cousin witch. So much more fun to be a little naughty!

My newest series has a touch of paranormal in fun to incorporate something that takes the book beyond reality, even just a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Nancy!

My August release features a group of witches with an amazing secret. One that could damn the supernatural community and throw the human world into chaos. Even though the heroine of my series is half-werewolf, my goal is to expand on the witchy world in a second book. After what they revealed to me, there's no I'm letting that slip by. ;-)

Diana Cosby said...

Hi Nancy,
I enjoyed Bewitched as well. :) I have a touch of the fey in my stories, but I have no idea how y'all write full blown paranormal. I have a fantasy trilogy idea, have even used my 'how to create a paranormal universe notes,' but nada. So, I say good for you! :) I'll just read your next book! Enjoy your weekend!


Billie Jo said...

Hi Nancy!

I just wanted to pop and say howdy to one of my favorite authors.

Billie Jo

Nancy said...

Good morning, All, and welcome to Frightening Journeys! Hope you've had a chance to catch all the terrific blogs having to do with magic this week. The posts were awesome!

MISA, I'm eager to get my hands on your new book! I agree it's a kick to add a dash of paranormal, even if the book itself isn't one.

DIANA, you do a wonderful job of blending that touch of fey in your books, and I look forward to your next release!

MARCIA, August can't come soon enough! I've loved your earlier books and am most intrigued by the secret your witches hold!

BILLIE JO! It is always a treat to see you! Have y'all dug out of the snow? Is spring in the offing? I hope so, and I hope to see you soon!

Happy Friday 13th, my dears!

Oh, and to authors who kindly comment, please do leave your web URL or a book title! We all like adding to our TBR pile!


Donna Caubarreaux said...

If you haven't read Nancy's book yet, rush and get it!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next book.

She brought fun to Vampires!

Thanks for a great read, Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Frightening Journeys, Nancy! Great post! I've always loved The Sword of Truth series and the Shannara books.

Jessica said...

I love hearing paranormal authors talk about the worlds they have created. When I think of magic, I think that anything is possible and I love reading authors who bring all these great possibilities to life. Nancy, can't wait to read what comes next for Cesca and friends!

Edie said...

I wanted to be Samantha, too! Only I would have dumped Darren. (Is that his name?) He was whiny and not good enough for her.

I write light paranormal and that's fun for me. I just finished reading Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton. It combines knitting and a town filled with paranormal creatures. I enjoyed it.

Billie Jo said...

Hey Nancy,

Yep we are all dug out for now. Our high here is 30 degrees today. Brrrr.

I want summer. LOL I hope to see you soon too.

I agree with Donna ladies, if you have not read La Vida Vampire, it is a MUST.

It is absolutely fabulous.

Billie Jo

Neringa said...

Truly a great blog, Nancy!
I recently returned from St. Augustine and there is definitely magic in that city--(also a lot of bridge construction) :-)

Never missed an episode of Bewitched. Love that nose twitch. Loved the 'what if'... sigh.

I am working on a script, Dream Dancers where a dance teacher has help from a dancing spirit to sort of prepare her husband for a dance competition. The spirit inhabits her husband's body during his naps so he and she can practice. A fun script.

Many of my scripts are about my main characters traveling to different dimensions where they find out they have magical powers-- and they learn how to use these powers.

I do believe we all have some sort of magic inside of us. Some just don't believe.

Have a great Friday the 13th!

Misty Evans said...

Hi Nancy. It's good to see you on guest blogging again!

LVV was a great read. I loved Cesca and all the rest and highly recommend it to everyone. Can't wait to read LVS in May.

And you know how I love funny witches like Samantha.

Best wishes!

Nichole R. Bennett said...

Wonderful post, Nancy! (I loved Samantha -- and Sabrina! -- also.) Thanks for joining us here today!


Nancy said...

Ladies, thank you so much for your compliments on La Vida Vampire. You are too sweet!

DONNA, how great to see you! I've missed chatting, and hope you're doing well!

BETHANY and EDIE, thanks for stopping by, and with book recommendations, too! Yes!!

For those who don't know it, Edie is a finalist in the America Title contest!

JESSICA, I love your line, "anything is possible with magic." Thank you so much for coming by to visit!

MISTY, I'm so excited about the success of of Witches Anonymous! You're a darling for stopping by!

BILLIE JO, stay warm and hang in there! Spring will be extra lovely -- or it should be, right?

NERINGA! I love the premise for Dream Dancers! What a completely cool idea! But, wait. You were in St. Augustine and didn't call me? Ack!

NICOLE, thank you again for inviting me to play today! Like you and MISA, I liked Sabrina, too. And like Edie, I'd have dumped Darren. Or worked some magic on him! :)

Hope you're all having a terrific Friday so far!


Ellen said...

Hi Nancy!
You're a lady after my own heart, I adored Bewitched. And now, many years later, I'd still love to have her talent when housecleaning day rolls around :)

Thanks for a great read!

Nancy said...

Hi Ellen! What a lovely web site you have!

If for no other reason than to have a clean house - daily! -- we should all be able to twitch our noses!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!


Annette said...

Just dropping in to wave and say "Hi, Nancy!" I've already told you how much I love Cesca and your writing in general. Can't wait for the new one.

Debbie Kaufman said...

I too grew up with Bewitched and loved to pretend I had magical powers. I am a fan of The Dresden Files. Enjoyed your post. So far my stories are suspense, but I have one with a psychic in mind for the future.

Bayleaf1012 said...

Lovely picture of you, Nancy. I think we all would like a little magic in our lives from time to time. Too bad most of us grow up and stop believing that there is magic all around us. How can you explain thinking of someone and suddenly the telephone rings, and there they are? Or that extra bit of money you get just when you need it..? I don't write much about magic--I live it. Years ago I bought a doorknocker. I wanted a home. My children thought I was a bit crazy. But I was going to have a house. First time I applied to FHA I wasn't making enough money & was turned down. Suddenly I had a second job and my income was just what was needed. I got my land, my loan, and built a house & I was only making $12,000 a year at that time. And I put the doorknocker on the door (a brass owl) where it's been for the past 20 years. I've had many more magical experiences, but that's my favorite.

Nancy said...

Annette! What a treat to see you!

Thanks for your sweet compliment on La Vida Vampire! I love YOUR writing, too, and am eager for your books!

Have a great weekend!


Nancy said...

Hi Debbie! Ooooh, I love the Dresden Files, too. I only wish the series had been given more chance to gain viewership.

All the best with every project! Your suspense with a psychic sounds thrilling!

Happy weekend!!


Nancy said...

Bayleaf1012, what a wonderful story of magic working in your life!

Postitive thinking and the power of intent may be one of the greatest of alchemies, and I'll be holding the image of the doorknocker for years to come.

Thank you for sharing that amazing magic with us, and have a beautiful weekend!