Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elemental Magic...

For Liv Corrigan (Blood Shield), Ana Brannon (Wolf’s Bane) and Brianna Hughes (Bite Me!) magic exists in three very different ways. Liv is your average modern woman, career-oriented and willing to set aside dreams of marriage and children for her work. She’s also a descendant of a union between a wise woman and a nixie. For her, magic is in her make-up. She doesn’t want or need the visions given her, but she’s smart enough to know when to pay attention. I like to call Liv’s talent, blood magic.

Ana was born both Irish and Gypsy. She has an additive sort of magic and uses it casually in everyday life. She heals her furry patients and one wild and reckless werewolf with her abilities. She can call up the wind, bring forth fire and restore the damaged back to its previous state. Ana’s a witch and makes no secret of the fact. She is innately magical, more so than Liv, because of her control.

Brianna is uncomfortable with magic, yet she wears a silver cross and a pendant known as “Charm of Light” because her mother gave them to her. Brianna is one of the Seven-reincarnated-, a group of the most powerful witches the continents have ever known. She doesn’t believe in it at all, even though her very environment is magical. Her lover is a vampire. Strangely enough, she has no problem believing in Kail.

When Ana calls the wind or conjures a glowing ball of cold fire, your pulse quickens. Maybe for a wistful minute you wonder what it would be like to have that ability. Brianna exists within the magic and allows it to effect her while she learns to use it, affording the reader a chance to grow and change with her. Liv simply flows with her visions, adapting amiably to the change. I like to use these rules when creating my characters. Magic happens. Magic is and Magic will be. What will you do with it? *smiles*


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