Monday, November 24, 2008

So much for polite society

I'm sure you've all heard that there are two things which shouldn't be discussed in polite society: religion and politics.  Well, this is not the place for polite society.

When we decided to cover religion this week, I didn't know what I'd say.  Like many other things in my life, my religious views are, well, eclectic.  I call myself a Christian.  But also a Witch.  I believe there is one God.  But also one Goddess.  And they both go by many different names.  

I'm an ordained Minister.  I'm also ordained as a High Priestess.

I believe Jesus was God's son.  Just not the ONLY child sent to Earth.  

I believe that we can cure with plants, control the elements, and say spells to ask things to happen.  (Pardon me, but what's the difference between a "spell" and a "prayer" anyway?)   

Above all, I believe that we are here on Earth to learn some lessons, teach some lessons, and not cause more damage -- to the planet or each other.

So how does all that affect my writing?  If nothing else, it affects my main character, Cerri.  Cerri (who was named after Ceridwen, the Celtic Goddess) is half-Irish.  Her mother brought many of the traditions of "the old country" with her.  Cerri's mom thinks nothing of leaving treats for the fairies or worshiping the ancient Goddesses.  Cerri, though, struggles to find a place in the old world and the new...  a compromise between tradition and "norma

Much like I do.

I celebrate Christmas, but also Yule.  I enjoy the fun of Halloween, and appreciate that the veil between this world and the spirit world is thinnest on Samhain.  I make it to church with some degree of regularity and celebrate the sabbats eight times a year.  

I'm comfortable enough in my beliefs to not have to shout them from rooftops.  I've been known to wear a cross and a pentacle -- sometimes at t
he same time!  I have LOTS of triquetta jewelry and wear it often.  I'm really drawn to the Celtic version of religion.  They did a good job of "melding" new beliefs with the old ones.  Don't think so?  How different is the Goddess Brigid from St. Brigit?  See what I mean?

Dad always said something like "Don't knock another guy's religion. He might be right and you won't know it until you're dead." Maybe the best way to describe my religious beliefs is to say I'm not really.  I think of myself as more spiritual, then religious.  

And we all know that spirits are everywhere....


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