Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Research and Forcing Myself to Write

***How do you research your topic? How does your research influence your writing and when do you decide to make something up on your own (deviate from the "norm" )?***

I'm not really sure how to go about researching my current story. I work at my local 911 center, so getting information on the police aspects of it aren't hard. I just have to walk across the hall. Easy-peasy. Getting them to understand WHY I'm asking what the police procedure is when dealing with an amnesiac is a little more difficult.

Also working where I work, it's no big deal to call up a local hospital and ask the head nurse a couple of more 'delicate' questions. She thinks I'm neat.

It's the deviation from the norm that's the kicker. My story involves a ware-animal, one that I havn't quited decided on (who says that wolves are the only thing we can turn into?) A lot of this involves the old stand by "making up crap". Especially where the ware-whatever and the vampire are concerened.

Oh, and Coffee. I drink a lot of coffee. Because coffee makes everything better.

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