Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy Ghost

As you may have guessed already, religiously my family is a little weird. Every year for lent my mother gives up organized religion. My father has been ordained by the internet. My sister is both a minister and a high priestess. And for the life of me, I can't reconcile myself with the idea that god is a dude. As far as I'm concerned, the dual aspect of the devine, both male and female, should be worshiped together. Neither should be given prefrence.

Now, this idea puts me in the outs with both the christian masses and the wiccans. To one there higer power is a male, above all others. To the other the female is the only devine. But I just can't see that. They are both devine and should be treated as such.

Now, let me set a couple of tings strait... I still call it christmas, I hide eggs for my daughter at easter, I talk to the dead on Samhain, and each new year I have every one in the house write down thier wishes and burn them as a way to ask the gods for their assistance. I think that Jesus was a kind of cool guy; but just that... a guy.

I kind of mush everything together. And it works for me.

The full moons are (usually) spent in ritual as are most of the sabbats. (I say "usually" and "most" because I have a tendancy to space things off till the last moment) I havn't set foot in a church in, lets see, 4 years? And only then because my brother in law was getting married. I don't go to church because I don't like the male god shoved in my face. I don't go to coven meetings for the same reason, just the female side of it.

As far as I'm concerened, religion is a personal thing. And personally I'm very happy with what I believe.

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