Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nanowrimo has arrived! How do you keep focused on your Nano?

Good Morning!

Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month has arrived. If you're
doing nano, and just about every writer I know is, how do you stay
on track?

I have a 8-5, a husband, three teenagers, a house that's being remodeled, and an overbearing mother-in-law under whose roof I'm forced to live while the house is getting a mega-makeover. Needless to say, the enviroment isn't writer friendly. So, Nichole has her candle and cards. I have a composition notebook, my favorite blue gel pen, a mega sized mocha iced coffee, and a corner spot in Jackie's childhood bedroom in which to work. It helps me to scribble it all out by hand and then type it up.

Still it's day four and I have exactly two typed pages of Bite Me!, which is supposed to be my nano, done. Please don't ask the word count, its pathetic. I have several other wip pushing me to finish rewrites, and boy do those characters get bossy. Anybody have suggestions? Hmm? Anyone?

I think I'll just hold my nose and dive in. Hey, I might not finish, but if I accomplish anything in the psycho world known as my home I will have done something I think is truly amazing! I can live with that and be proud. Wish me luck!


(lost in the post-Halloween psychosis of the kids sugar highs. Next year think popcorn, people! Please!)