Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Favorite Paranormal Authors?

This week’s topic totally threw me for a loop. I’ve thought about it for most of the weekend. You’re probably wondering how it could be so hard for a paranormal writer to talk about her favorite authors. “A favorite?” I said to myself. How do you decide? The paranormal genre crosses over into so many others that sometimes its hard to distinguish what really defines a paranormal author. At least it is for me.

As a kid, I loved the ‘Narnia’ series by C.S. Lewis, but was surprised to learn, via our librarian, he’d also written Bible companions. The creator of the mighty Aslan? Really?

Sherrilyn Kenyon is a definite favorite. Her dark hunters, while otherworldly, are still very human with all our flaws. They are obviously paranormal, but then so are Nora Roberts Sisters, Circle, Key, and Sign of Seven trilogies even though I’d classify her in the romance and suspense categories. All of which I loved by they way and have read so many times I have actually worn out the books and had to replace them. Duct tape can only work so many wonders.

Christine Feehan is another great author that comes to mind as well as Laurell K. Hamilton. See what I mean? It’s like trying to choose between ice cream and pizza.

My oldest daughter loves to read, yes, even more than playing video games. I’m finding new favorites through her choice in books. We both love Dead is the New Black and Dead is a State of Mind, which will be released in January by Marlene Perez. I have yet to read Twilight but maybe Stephanie Meyers will be added to my list of favorites.

Just like its characters and twisting plots, the paranormal genre pops up where you least expect it, barely there like a ghost. Every book is a portal to an unknown world. Escape and enjoy the ride.


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