Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh Muse, Where Art Thou??????

So I decided to put the book I'd been working on on hold for a while. Ok, so I got frustrated that I wasn't coming up with anything that I liked and decided to scrap the whole damn thing. I did after all change the plot three times. Nothing was working for me. Now I've got a great idea, a tentative plot, and a really solid batch of characters...

And I haven't touched the thing in months.

Now admittedly, my world right now is a blur of Doctors appointments, baby shopping (I have a whopping 2 bottles, and a pacifier so far), and the general 'getting ready for baby' that one begins in the second trimester. But that's still not really a good excuse. I seem to have more than enough time in my day to play Bejeweled on Facebook, to sew, and to read.

So it must be the Muse. She left. Gone. Flew the coop. Any number of other euphemisms.

What do I do now? Do I wait till she comes back? Do I push through and hope I don't get another 'great idea' that ends up in the recycle bin? Or do I just think about it when I can, and hope that something comes to me?

Really, please, let me know.

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